Another weekly class meeting and our third Tse Scholarship reception!

Classes for Team Zambia 2015 are in full swing and we meet every Wed night form 6:30-7:30pm! Busy time as we try to communicate with our community partners and make arrangements for our program activities while in Zambia. Here is Connor making a presentation about one of our community partner organizations: Special Hope Network.


Each year, Professor John Tse and his wife Emma provide several thousand dollars of scholarships for students in our college (Health and Human Sciences) to study abroad. This year three of our students have received awards and we attended the reception this afternoon. As always, it was an honor and a delight to meet the Tses. Their passion for helping students expand their world view matches ours as that is one of the primary goals of our program! It is humbling to hear Dr. Tse thank us, the students, faculty, staff and administrators who participate in the study abroad programs. And to hear them talk about their small role in promoting acceptance of different world cultures. But today, Mrs. Tse’s words today were particularly compelling as she expressed to us that when you give, it is not about you giving what YOU WANT to give, but rather that you need to give what is needed. These words resonated with me because right from my first trip to Zambia to plan this program in 2012, we have completely been about talking to our community partners, finding out what they want and then determining whether and how we might be able to meet those needs….

This year’s Tse scholars: Jennifer, Danielle and Katelyn….with John and Emma Tse




Team Zambia 2015


An emotional evening for me as team Zambia 2015 meets in class together for the first time. How time flies!!! In the past three years I have had the privilege to go to Zambia three times, first to explore possibilities in 2012 and then with two great teams of students in 2013 and 2014. Each group was special and worked so remarkably well together – we hope the same from this new team for 2015!!! Preparations are in high gear from now until May!!!

SLHS in Zambia 2015: it’s official!

Today we decided that we are going to Zambia again this summer! Despite fewer applicants this year due to concerns of families over the Ebola outbreaks in West Africa, and an initial scare over extremely high air fares that looked like they would increase program costs significantly, we have come through!! We have a team of students and will soon be starting preparations and classes – the third time for me doing this, and looking forward to my fourth trip to Zambia. It feels like Zambia is becoming my second home as I have so many memories and friends there now! :) Here are a few…..

The team at Cheshire Homes…

Following the Beit Cure Mobile ENT truck to Mthunzi Center and meeting Mr. Malama

DSCN1297 DSCN1326

The team at Beit Cure Hospital


The team at PCOE….


Our UNZA buddies!!…


And the awesome team at Special Hope Network…


Not to forget the fun!!

DSCN1071 DSCN1229 DSCN1239

I’m excited to have the opportunity to go to Zambia again……

2015 begins….

We are back after the semester break and Zambia is on our minds!! Students for the program have been selected and informed and we are awaiting their acceptance! We are also working hard on the budget for the program but higher air fares have increased program costs :(. We are continuing to work with our travel agent to see what we can do to reduce the program costs…..

Also over the semester break I was able to get our beautiful chitenge fabric tailored – wait for pictures to be posted (hopefully soon!) :)

Zambia 2015: the journey….

The past few weeks have been getting into high gear for Zambia 2015! On November 20 we had the privilege of making a presentation about the program and its effects on intercultural learning of our students at the annual convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in Orlando, FL. Three students from the 2014 program accompanied us and did an outstanding job presenting with us. The talk was very well received by the very engaging and thoughtful audience!

Presenting at the ASHA convention

Presenting at the ASHA convention

Applications for the 2015 program are due today (December 5) and we have already started communicating with various community partners in Zambia regarding their needs for 2015. The excitement of talking with our partners makes me reflect on how fortunate I have been to have participated in three previous trips to Zambia and to be getting ready for my 4th time there!


This is a few days late because I have been so busy!!! But last Saturday September 6th we had the 2nd Reunion of the SLHS in Zambia teams! And what was most heartwarming was that SIX of the 12 students from last year’s program came! Including one surprise student (Jordan) who is now in North Carolina but happened to be in town! What an awesome surprise that was!

Here’s the 2014 team:


And the six students from the 2013 team….


And all together now :)


And one final hurrah!!!


Hope to have as much success  next year also…..

Here we go again!!!

The fearless leaders ready to go again! :)

The fearless leaders ready to go again! :)

Can’t believe it is time to start again – BUT it is!!! Christi and I have started student recruitment efforts in earnest already and there seems to be a LOT of interest this year already! So much to do, but it is great to have such a good partnership – AND we have our 2nd annual reunion this Saturday where a few of the 2013 alumni will be there along with all the 2014 students!!!

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