We now have an itinerary for our trip! It is feeling REAL now!

WednesdayJune 6th:  

Morning: Beit Cure Hospital Tour, General Tour, Student Housing

Afternoon:     Emergency/clinic hospital visit (Care for business), Possible visit to Cheshire homes

Thursday June 7th:

Morning: Meet Beit Cure ENT staff, Beit Cure Audiology Clinic, University Teaching Hospital (UTH), PCOE-Neurodevelopmental         Intervention Clinic (DIC)

Afternoon: University of Zambia (UNZA)

Friday June 8th:

Morning: Neurology Clinic at UTH, Meeting with pediatrician, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, UTH Special School, Speech and Hearing Center

 1:30-2:00           Lunch with child with cochlear implant and mother

Afternoon: Cheshire Homes or Special Hope Network

Saturday – Sunday, June 9-10th: SAFARI at Chaminuka (check out

Monday – Tuesday, June 11-12th:     Kalomo, visit to Harding University SLP program

 Wednesday June 13th:

AM:                 Ministry of Health Visit, Ministry of Education Visit 

PM:                  TBA 

Thursday June 14th:

AM:               Plan possibilities for next year

 PM:             Lunch with Alfred to discuss options and plan for future visits


Whew!!! It is going to be busy but so exciting!!!!




Near disaster!!!

Friday (yesterday) we decided to go online to the KLM website to select vegetarian meals and also select our seats to make sure we got seats together. Turns out it was a GREAT decision! So, we went online and logged in and found Jennifer’s ticket and did all the selections. Then it was my turn. Well…….my ticket did not show up at all 😦 So, we called KLM and after holding for 20 minutes we finally spoke to an agent who said that there had been an online refund request of my ticket on February 12th!! We were flabbergasted as we had never been on the website before! Fortunately, she was able to rebook my ticket and I immediately went online and also selected my seats and my meals.

A near disaster averted! I shudder to think what would have happened if I had only gone online on June 3rd to get my boarding pass and found out then that I had no ticket!!

Shopping and preparing!

Things are warming up for the trip! Today we collected small token gifts to give to people we meet including Purdue pens and pencils as well as some children’s board books and puzzles for the program we will visit in Kalomo, about 4 hours south of Lusaka where Harding University (Arkansas) runs a program for their speech pathiology students who work with kids in an orphanage there called The Haven.

Two weeks to go!!!

We leave two weeks from today! We are still waiting on a final initenary but are just ready to go with the flow if we do not have it all finalized by the time we leave.

Still learning my way around this blog! Hope to have it all figured out before June 4th when we leave for Zambia. We are getting excited as the trip gets closer 🙂

Hello world!

My first attempt at blogging! 🙂 Helped along by my able child who is a veteran blogger from her world travels! The purpose of this blog: to document my travels to Zambia as we try to plan and develop a study abroad program for our students. The trip will begin June 4th as we leave little West Lafayette, Indiana for Lusaka, Zambia!!