Zambia Day 6: Kalomo

Today is a travel day to Kalomo. We had breakfast at the lodge and then checked out. We ran into John and were able to say goodbye to him. 

Breakfast at the lodge:

Today we go about 5 hours south of Lusaka to a rural town called Kalomo to visit the Harding in Zambia Speech-pathology (HIZPATH) program. We hope to learn a lot from them as this is their 4th year in Zambia with SLP students.

Sammy arrived to pick us up around 9:15. We reached Lusaka around 10:30 or so and went to Sheeba’s (Alfred’s wife) store and waited a little bit for Alfred who was at the barber! Anyway, it was great to see him after 8 years. His daughter (Naku) is 3 and looks real cute (we saw a picture). Anyway, we set out for Kalomo around 11am, and Chisomo was ill and decided not to come. We chatted with Alfred about plans for next year, the number of students, the accommodations etc.

Traffic along the way includes people in the back of a truck a la India 🙂


Well kept and watered wheat fields along the way




Baskets and pottery along the way:

We stopped for a restroom break at Mazabuka at a mission centre, but the nuns were out for lunch so we did not meet anyone. This is a place where Alfred comes for Outreach clinic days though. It was about 2 hours from Lusaka.


Another hour later we stopped at another little town and bought some fruit from the roadside to eat for lunch. There were tasty little bananas similar to ones we get in India. We also bought some oranges and some little bags of roasted peanuts.


We reached Kalomo around 4pm and met Dr. Beckie Weaver (Dean of the College at Harding University) driving a big old bus at the little post office in rural little town Kalomo!


We followed her for 7km down an unpaved road and she stopped several times to pick up folks who needed a ride. The Namwianga mission compound turned out to be a very large and well established affair. Their buildings all looked new and well kept.

We sat and chatted with her for a while and then ate an early supper with their 18 students + 5 faculty. We then walked over to the house where we would spend the night and Beckie told us stories and chatted for almost 3 hours – I made lots of notes!! This is her 5th trip to Zambia, the 4th with students. The house has several rooms and there are 5 girls staying there. We learned of rules and regulations, visa issues, etc. etc. – lots of good information!! Tomorrow we visit the orphanage where they work (The Haven) and then head back to Lusaka. It is cold in the house – probably because it is concrete block and the floors are all concrete! Jenn decided to have a shower, and although there is a water heater in the bathroom, apparently the water turns from steaming hot to cold very quickly!! I guess I’ll have that experience in the morning!

 The internet signal is very weak here so I was unable to connect to the internet to post this blog. So, here it is one day late – enjoy!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michelle Mullen
    Jun 12, 2012 @ 15:45:37

    I am enjoying reading about your travels! What a fantastic opportunity. If you meet a young man from Harding named Ben, please tell him hello from me.


  2. lkrish64
    Jun 12, 2012 @ 15:49:08

    Michelle – we did meet Ben but are already back in Lusaka. He seemed to be a great young man!!


  3. Kathy Sible
    Jun 12, 2012 @ 19:43:15

    We had to lay down and rest after reading about your day!!! It looks like traveling to various places is quite time consuming but you took pictures of really interesting things on the way. It is great that Dr. Weaver had a lot of information for you for next year. Have a good day tomorrow and safe travels as you explore the country!


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