Group meeting 1

We had a good first meeting on Feb 13th and accomplished a lot! Shared the itinerary and tentative first part of the syllabus, started on the many forms that are due, discussed next assignments and set up a date for our next meeting in March! Can’t believe we have started!!!!


First class is set!

After multiple doodle polls we have finally settled on an initial informational meeting time on Wed February 13 at 5pm! 🙂 The class is going to be really cool and I think everyone is going to learn a lot from each other because of the very interesting composition of the class! We have one PhD student in Engineering education; 2 AuD students, one Master’s SLP student, one senior, 5 juniors, one sophomore and one freshman – what a diverse group! I am so looking forward to this and to making this a great experience for everyone!