African Student Association Night!

Today I attended the African Student Association Night and it was great! Lessons learned (and re-learned) tonight:

1) Things don’t happen “by the clock” in Africa šŸ™‚ The show was supposed to be from 7-9pm, but started at 7:30 and ended about 9:45! SO – we need to continue to remind ourselves to be patient and go with the flow during our program to Zambia

2) Africans are easy going, friendly and fun loving! There were students from Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Zambia, Eritrea, and I am sure probably a few other countries: but the common theme I noticed was that everyone smiles, is friendly and easy going šŸ™‚

3) “You know you are an African….”jokes! And what I learned from these jokes as well as from some of the stories shared was that family is very important to Africans, that (I guess in some countries at least) eat rice “for breakfast, lunch and dinner”, that bartering happens commonly, and that like in India in my childhood I listened to many stories each of which had a “moral”, so too African kids grow up with stories with morals told by their parents and grandparents! In fact one Liberian family’s mother was in charge of the food for the event!

4) Food: Well – it was from a few different countries (e.g. Kenyan samosas, and Eritrean rice and injera with lentils), but there was plenty of vegetarian fare like rice, cabbage and greens and fried plantains which were sweetish (and delicious), and “ginger juice”, but the staple of Zambia “nshima” was not there

All in all this was a great event and an excellent way to learn about the different cultures in Africa as well as to see how the students from the different African countries have a great camaraderie!

Here are some photos:

First: Anyea and me at the ASA Night

Then: The vegetarian food and ginger juice

Finally: The “fashion show”!Ā 



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Natalya Kaganovich
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 19:58:25

    Good luck with your remaining preparations! I am looking forward to reading your blog posts from Africa! šŸ™‚


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