Greetings from Amsterdam…

After going to bed at 1:00am last night, woke up excited to leave on the adventure! Hopefully I have thought of every last detail! If not, hope I have thought of all the important details and the rest we will adapt to 🙂

I reached the Purdue Union at 10:10 (after having told everyone else to be there at 10:00am sharp!). Everybody was already there!!! And it was great to see everyone wearing their Team SLHS in Zambia shirts!

We had three colleagues: Beth, Anne and Claudia stop at the Union to say goodbye and wish us well – thanks to all three of you and everyone else in the Purdue SLHS department who is thinking of us and wishing us well!

The first minor “glitch” – we got a call saying that our chartered bus was waiting for us at the Purdue airport! Fortunately, since we live in a small campus town (I call it our village!), he was able to get to the Union very soon. We loaded all our bags (we’ll see who has a bag that weighs over 50 pounds – I fear it might be me!), and we were off for Chicago’s O’Hare airport at 10:25am – 5 minutes ahead of schedule!

At O’Hare: So we reached a little after noon, after a restroom stop at a McDonald’s along the way.. Checked in with minimal issues: one carry-on bag that was too heavy and had to be checked in. And one other that involved shuffling some items around before she was allowed to take her bag. And thankfully, student #12 who was meeting us at O’Hare was there at 12:40.

Through a very long security line and then we also had a really long line to get some lunch because there was only one place to eat – Tortas Fronteras! So the line was long and they had pauses in taking orders because there were so many people! For more than half our group of students this is their first time out of the country and they are excited to get their first stamp on their passport!


At the Purdue Union, ready for the shuttle bus to Chicago


In the security line at O’Hare: half the group looking forward to getting their passport stamped for the first time!

So far so good – everyone is OK and still in a good mood – but we have barely started our journey! Everyone is getting along and they are chatting with each other.

Our first flight was uneventful and we are now at the airport in Amsterdam waiting for the second, even longer flight….


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  1. Claudia Mornout
    May 18, 2013 @ 04:50:18

    Reading your blog as I began my journey to San Diego. I’m feeling like a wimp at dreading the “long day” of travel!:). Hope everyone gets some sleep on the plane so you’ll be ready to take on Zambia.


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