Class meeting 2

An exciting meeting of the SLHS in Zambia 2014 team today! The team is coming together already as we get to know each other better! And we selected a team shirt today which we hope to have soon! 🙂




Classes have started and more!

So we had our first class meeting for SLHS in Zambia 2014 last Thursday and it felt really nostalgic and like deja vu: same room as last year, 12 students in the program again, one student absent this first class (just like last year)…… What was fun and different was that we have 12 new students to get to know better and become a team, and a new co-leader for the program who brings a new perspective as a speech-pathologist.

Also exciting last week was that Jenn and I attended the reception to receive our Focus award for developing this program and raising awareness about individuals with disabilities through the program. Of course what we have done is just a drop in the ocean compared to what our community partners on the ground in Zambia are doing for children with disabilities. We are incredibly fortunate to be working with such dedicated people and organizations and hope to have another successful program this year.