Maymester Class #2:

Another 3-hour class this morning spent on preparing for the activities we have planned for our time in Zambia. And we have several new activities this year with our new speech pathologist co-leader Christi Masters!

We worked on preparing some demonstrations of simple and more advanced communication devices for children (Augmentative and Alternative Communication or AAC devices). The students really seemed to enjoy this activity! We will be training Zambian staff on this during our program this year and hope that it will be a useful skill for them for the long run!

Breanne and Kelly are working on an idea for a simple communication strip….


 And Katie and Andrea working with an iPad app for communication…


 Undergraduate students also practiced doing hearing tests and placing the bone vibrator on the head correctly….with the AuD (graduate) students helping and mentoring them!

 Breanne demonstrates how to place a bone vibrator to Rachel, Julia and Kaitlyn…


 Alexis practices testing Katie while Andrea helps them as needed….


 And Breanne watches as Katie places the vibrator on Alexis…


 More to come tomorrow as we have an event in class scheduled for tomorrow!!


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