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Today we had an exciting day filled with hearing screenings and a tour of Beit Cure Hospital. We started the morning off at an orphanage where we conducted hearing screenings. We screened several boys of all ages from those in second grade to those who have finished secondary school. This facility was so well run and it was clear that they were a family who cared for each other and served as a support system for one another. The orphanage is focused on maintaining an academic or trade/skills route for each child depending on their strengths. At the orphanage, I was initially assigned to the otoscopy station and had numerous new experiences. Several of the children had impacted wax (cerumen) and were sent to the Beit Cure Hospital ENT Mobile Clinic that we worked with today. I observed three children have cerumen removed which was something I hadn’t observed before. Once the cerumen was removed, the children were sent on to have their hearing screened. The Beit Cure Hospital ENT Mobile Clinic provides services such as cerumen removal to those who otherwise would not receive this care. The nurses working with these children were so efficient and this was a wonderful learning opportunity. After my time observing in the ENT Mobile Clinic, I assisted my fellow classmates with otoscopy and saw a perforated eardrum! The perforation was quite large and easily visible through otoscopy, which isn’t always the case. The child was then referred to Beit Cure Hospital where he will receive the necessary care. The morning session consisted of several new clinical experiences and I absolutely loved working with the staff and children.


Following the hearing screenings at the orphanage, we visited a primary school and conducted hearing screenings on several first grade students. The children were all very sweet and the majority were screened through the use of otoacoustic emissions because conditioning to the pure tone screenings was challenging to grasp for most of the children. While a language barrier may have contributed to this difficulty conditioning, smiles are universal. Every child smiled and waved to us which was an amazing feeling.


The afternoon consisted of a tour of the Beit Cure Hospital. The first thing I noticed was how brightly colored and welcoming the facility was. Our tour was led my Mr. Mwamba and we observed the various healthcare departments as well as the kitchen and laundry facilities, and concluded with the ENT and audiology department. It was interesting to see how much of the equipment, posters, etc. I recognized from the Purdue University clinic. I immediately noticed the posters for three hearing aid manufacturers we typically work with at the Purdue University clinic. I didn’t know what I was expecting on this tour but it surprised me to see how similar it was to what I’m used to seeing back home, but I did notice that the arrangement of the ENT and audiology department was a little different. The nurses will see patients on either side of the room that is open to enable discussion. Mr. Mwamba shared that with so few professionals in the field, this open concept enables the nurses to discusses cases easily to better serve the patients. The facility is very focused on utilizing their resources to best serve their patients. The day was unique for me in regards to several new clinical experiences as well having the opportunity to learn more about the ENT and audiological care provided at Beit Cure Hospital. I look forward to working with this facility and the staff later this week.









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  1. sibks
    Jun 03, 2014 @ 02:12:09

    At each place, it sounds like there are challenges to getting the testing accomplished. I loved when you wrote that smiles are universal. That really says a lot!


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