This is a few days late because I have been so busy!!! But last Saturday September 6th we had the 2nd Reunion of the SLHS in Zambia teams! And what was most heartwarming was that SIX of the 12 students from last year’s program came! Including one surprise student (Jordan) who is now in North Carolina but happened to be in town! What an awesome surprise that was!

Here’s the 2014 team:


And the six students from the 2013 team….


And all together now 🙂


And one final hurrah!!!


Hope to have as much success  next year also…..


Here we go again!!!

The fearless leaders ready to go again! :)

The fearless leaders ready to go again! 🙂

Can’t believe it is time to start again – BUT it is!!! Christi and I have started student recruitment efforts in earnest already and there seems to be a LOT of interest this year already! So much to do, but it is great to have such a good partnership – AND we have our 2nd annual reunion this Saturday where a few of the 2013 alumni will be there along with all the 2014 students!!!