Saturday May 23…..Departure

From Dubai: sorry no pics because the wifi is not good enough….but something is better than nothing we hope 🙂

Today was a busy day, packing, doing one last-minute shopping trip to buy a few things and then stopping by the office to print copies of passports and tickets (just in case) before getting to the Purdue Union at 4:05 to find a few “early bird’ students already there! Everyone was on time (7 students – the remaining two are joining us at O’Hare)! Special thanks are due to Mr. Fredrick helping load all the suitcases onto the bus, and Anne Sommer for the treats that she brought for all of us! And with the Fredricks, Anne Sommer, Barbara Solomon and Ravi Krishnan all there taking pictures of our group it felt like the paparazzi (quoting Gabby!)! ☺

We reached Chicago without incident and got off the bus, only to know in a minute that I had left my backpack on it!! Luckily our driver Mr. Williams had not gone far and came right back – whew!!!! (Note: Incident 1). We found the other two students waiting near the Emirates counter, so our group was complete J

As we started checking in we had a couple more issues! Incident 2: we are only allowed ONE bag per person as carry-on and a backpack counted as a bag?!! So there was some quick rearranging of baggage – a huge thank you to the students for doing this quickly and with no complaints!!! Incident 3: also at check-in was that they said the vegetarian meal that I had requested was not noted on the itinerary! How frustrating! I called our travel agents and left messages, only to hear back shortly from them that indeed the meal request was fine! Hmmm – seems like the Emirates check-in counter was not having a good day….

Anyway, by the time we all got through security it was almost time to board and we were off!!! A ling flight of almost 14 hours, but most students enjoyed 1-4 movies and slept some of the time and then we were in Dubai!


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  1. Barbara Solomon
    May 24, 2015 @ 22:19:47

    Thanks for the note – so glad you are in Dubai!! Safe travels! Looking forward to hearing more!


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