Sunday May 24: Dubai!!!!!

Sorry, still no pics – hope to post some when we get to Zambia! Makes for a boring blog with no visuals 😦

Arrived Dubai right on time. Found the shuttle bus to the hotel and got there. Checked in and decided to meet in the lobby at 8:40am to take taxis to the BiCe Mare Italian restaurant to get a good view of the fountain show.

When I went down there at 8:40 all 9 students were already waiting there!! Way to go to start off making a great impression!!! 🙂

We got 2 large taxis to take the 11 of us to the Dubai Mall. Both drivers were Pakistani and I got to speak in Hindi with them :). The mall is huge and ostentatious with lots of glittery lighting, and we ended up calling my friend Kamalini who lives in Dubai to ask where the restaurant was. We found her and the restaurant (which had marked us as a “no show” because we were 15 minutes late)! Fortunately all was well and we got to watch the fountain show at least three times since it is every half hour. We had a great view and some good food and it was fun for me to meet up with an old friend from college in India. Kamalini and her husband Jassem were extremely welcoming and stayed with us taking us into the mall to see the giant aquarium there and we also saw a small waterfall, not to mention a giant diplodocus from Wyoming inside the mall!!

We called Ali and Asif the taxi drivers to take us back to the hotel after midnight – they really wanted to give us a tour of the city but we declined 🙂 – we have a plane to catch in the morning to get us to our final destination!!!!!!

Back to the hotel and we purchased wifi for our room – but it ended up being a complete waste of money because it was VERY POOR and other than posting a status on facebook I was unable to upload any photos and my blog page did never open to write a post 😦 Luckily able to post this in the morning before departing for the airport……

Hopefully, the wifi in Zambai will be better, but this poor wifi in Dubai sure was unexpected!!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. LouAnn Keller
    May 25, 2015 @ 10:49:49

    Even without pictures it’s great to hear all the events. It would have been tempting not to explore more of such an amazing city as Dubai but it sounds like you have a very responsible and professional group of adults.


  2. lkrish64
    May 25, 2015 @ 17:55:43

    Thank you! Some pics are now posted!!


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