May 30 Student reflection: Jenn

Putting today’s sights and experiences into words will be a challenge, but I am going to try my best. Our day started bright and early when we left at 7:00 (okay, maybe closer to 7:30) this morning to head to Livingstone, Zambia where one of the seven natural wonders of the world—Victoria Falls—is located. After piling our luggage onto the bus, we embarked on a seven-hour drive to our destination.

The drive was long but doable. We stopped at one of the few rest stops along the way where we paid 2 kwachas to use the restroom—I would say a rather fair price for clean bathrooms. After eating our packed lunches on the bus, I soon dozed to sleep before waking up by the hot sun coming in through the right windows. Everyone sitting on the right side seemed to move over as much as possible, although moving didn’t seem to help much. It was amazing to see all of the towns we passed through, and the homes along the road. I’m not sure if I will ever become used to driving on the left side of the road.

We arrived at Chanters Lodge in Livingstone a little before 3:00. We settled into our quaint living arrangements and were soon picked up by our Victoria Falls guide, Oliver. We all piled back into a bus and were shuttled to the falls. Baboons greeted us at the entrance to the park, roaming freely about, obviously used to the tourists. We got out of the bus and began our walk towards the top of the falls. The sight was extraordinary to say the least; I don’t think my pictures will even do it justice. We then began our walk along to the other side of the falls, where we would receive a cool and refreshing shower from the falls. To try to prevent from getting soaked, we pulled ponchos over our clothes and placed all of our electronics into Ziploc Baggies. The further we walked, the more mist we felt, until we were in what felt like a heavy rain shower. We crossed the walking bridge, which is situated upon rocks and offers a surreal view of the falls and their plummet to the bottom—hundreds of feet below us.





We made our way back along the trail and were all still very excited about the sight we just beheld. We made our way to the market where vendors were eager and a little pushy to have our business, and then were lead by Oliver to the driving bridge, which connects the Zambia side of the falls to the Zimbabwe side.



When we finally returned to the lodge for the evening, our dinner awaited us. I think we were all tired from the long drive and breathtaking sights. I would have to say Victoria Falls is by far the coolest and most serene place I have ever seen.


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