June 6: For John…..

Today was a bittersweet day for me as I was excited to see John again after three years only to find out that his beautiful young wife was no more…..

Three years ago on my first trip to Zambia in 2012, before the SLHS in Zambia program had even begun, Jenn and I spent two days exploring Chaminuka with John. I had my first ever safari and bush walk with John and was so impressed with his ability to spot animals and birds, as well as their spoor along the walk and be able to tell approximately when the animal had gone by. He was friendly, warm and welcoming as we know almost all Zambians are. On that weekend at Chaminuka, on a walk to the nearby village we also had the good fortune to meet John’s family – his beautiful wife and two small children. We took a picture of their family and after my return to the US I printed copies and sent them to him as I had promised.

John and his family - 2012

John and his family – 2012

Today when I met John, I eagerly asked about his family. Sadly, he told me that his wife had passed away after an illness last year and (as per Zambian tradition) his children were living with their grandmother.

John with me today

John with me today

Keeping John and his children in my thoughts and prayers…..


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Solomon
    Jun 06, 2015 @ 21:14:40

    Thank you for your beautiful-touching words!


  2. sibks
    Jun 07, 2015 @ 02:24:29

    Writing this post must have been difficult~thank you for sharing this with us.


  3. lkrish64
    Jun 07, 2015 @ 14:30:16

    Thank you


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