Preparing for SLHS in Zambia 2016…

I have not written a post in a long time – since we returned from Zambia last June. But we have hardly been idle all this time. Rather, after a brief break over last summer, we started preparing for the 2016 program early in the fall of 2015. What have we been up to? A LOT!
Between August and December 2015 we…

  • Submitted the course proposal and got it approved (yes we have to do this every year)!
  • Wrote another grant proposal and were awarded another Study Abroad and International Learning (SAIL) grant from Purdue to help reduce student costs for the program – thanks for your support of our program Purdue!
  • Held a callout and went to the Study Abroad fair as well as several classes to recruit students for the program – thanks to alumni from previous years for helping at the SA Fair and callout!
Callout to recruit students

Callout to recruit students


Study Abroad Fair!

Study Abroad Fair!

  • Started e-mailing community partners in Zambia to see what their requests are for the 2016 program. This takes hundreds of e-mails because we work with 9-10 different organizations while in Zambia and have to communicate with all of them!
  • Received student applications for the program and met with each applicant briefly

Then over the holiday break we…

  • Reviewed all the student applications

And between January 2016 and now we…

  • Admitted the class of SLHS in Zambia 2016 to the program!
  • Found a weekly time that worked for everyone! Yes – this is a challenge every year because we have students ranging from sophomore – junior – II year AuD students and finding a time that works in everyone’s busy schedule is not easy!
  • Submitted and got our budget approved
  • Started weekly classes on Feb 8th
First picture of Team SLHS in Zambia 2016!

First picture of Team SLHS in Zambia 2016!

  • Are continuing to e-mail and Skype with community partners to finalize our activities for this year
  • Worked with the travel agent to make all arrangements for the program
  • Submitted an application and received loaner screening equipment from the state of Indiana Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Program – THANK YOU!
  • Started learning about Zambia: its history, geography, wildlife, economy, culture, languages, etc….
  • Had students complete forms, forms, and more forms!
  • Got our Team SLHS in Zambia 2016 shirts! Thanks to Stacia, Jena and Whitney for the efforts on this year’s shirts!
Team shirts!!!

Team shirts!!!

  • Attended a reception to thank Dr. John and Mrs. Emma Tse who have provided study abroad scholarships to some of our students each year! This year: Amber and Stacia
Tse Global Scholars reception!

Tse Global Scholars reception!

  • Are continuing to learn about healthcare in Zambia and conditions we will come across there including clubfoot, hydrocephalus, HIV/AIDS, malaria etc.
  • Attended the Purdue African Students’ Association night “Afrosync” to get a glimpse of African culture
Team Zambia 2016 at ASA night!

Team Zambia 2016 at ASA night!


  • Are continuing to learn about intercultural competence as well as about our community partner organizations including Cheshire Homes, Special Hope Network, University of Zambia (UNZA), Beit Cure Hospital, Pediatric Center of Excellence (PCOE), the Haven…
  • Requested international travel insurance for our team
  • Ordered supplies and equipment for our program – THANK YOU to Julie Renshaw with Gordon Stowe Inc. for your support! Every year Julie provides loaner hearing screening equipment as well as supplies for our program!
  • And many more details because there is SO MUCH to plan and prepare for every year!

Each trip is different because we base our activities on the requests from our community partners each year. NEW this year: one of our partners requested we provide vision screenings. A huge thank you to my optometrist Dr. Christine Finney: she took the time to answer all our questions including: “is it appropriate for us to provide vision screenings?”; “which vision chart should we use for children?”; “what is the correct screening procedure?”; “where do we order the screening materials and supplies?”. Thanks to Dr. Finney and her office staff we learned that we can also provide depth perception screening and in addition to answering our questions they even ordered the supplies we need for us and we picked them up today!

Thank you to Dr. Finney and staff for helping us obtain these vision screening supplies!

Thank you to Dr. Finney and staff for helping us obtain these vision screening supplies!

Whew!! And we leave in about a month and the pace only increases from here until we return!!!!!


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