Day 6: Victoria Falls!!

An early start this morning (7:00am) to set off for Livingstone to see Victoria Falls. We reached Chanters Lodge at 2:15pm and were shown to our rooms. Anastasia came out to greet us but not Mr. Chanter who is also usually there (so I assumed he must be out). Unfortunately, Anastasia came into my room and gave me the sad news that Mr. Chanter passed away last Friday after a brief illness.

This is my fourth visit to Chanters Lodge and Mr. Chanter has always been there to welcome us. I will remember his gentle demeanor and warm welcome to Chanters Lodge each year, and miss seeing him.

This year our driver and tour guide for the Falls was Godfrey (although I told him to convey my regards to Oliver who took care of us last year and he did so immediately by calling Oliver!).


We were greeted at the entrance to the Falls by monkeys as usual; Godfrey told us they stay close to the road to try and steal maize from trucks that transport it along the road!

The falls were majestic and awe-inspiring as usual. The name Mosi-o-tunya (Smoke that thunders) is well-fitting indeed as the mist (smoke) from the falls can be seen from afar….

…and also heard roaring like thunder! (see video on our facebook page at )

We had the usual tour, seeing the falls bit by bit as we walked from the upper Zambezi….



towards the lower part where we got thoroughly soaked…


And saw a double rainbow!


Great feeling after getting soaked seeing Vic Falls!

After dinner at the Lodge we had an early night. Tomorrow we leave early (7:00am) for our day trip to Botswana to the Chobe National Park for our safari!!


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