Day 12: Last work day and farewell…

Today was an EXTREMELY busy day that started at 7:15am and ended at 10:30pm! We are exhausted!!!! So here is a very brief synopsis:

First stop: Starkey Hearing Institute to meet Dr. Alfred Mwamba who was our initial contact through whom this program began. I still remember when we applied for our first grant for the program in 2011 how he wrote us a fantastic letter of support that enabled us to make the exploratory trip to Zambia in 2012, and since then bring 4 groups of students (total = 43 Purdue students) for a life-changing experience from which we hope they have learned much and we keep learning every time we return!

thumb_DSCN3588_1024As always it was fun for our students to meet the audio tech students there, but we had to rush to get back to UTH to do our encore presentation. As of yesterday I guess we have officially been on Africa time!

  • We were late reachign PCOE yesterday morning due to traffic
  • Late this morning as well…
  • Late to UTH for the afternoon presentation (which we gave to about 11 students who are practicing physicians who have returned to specialize in pediatrics)
  • And even a few minutes late for our farewell dinner with all of our community partners – traffic has been crazy!

Here we are ready to depart for our farewell dinner…

thumb_DSCN3715_1024And now to just acknowledge each and every one of our community partners for their inspirational work and for allowing us the honor and privilege of working with them, their staff and children: we are lucky to have gotten to know all of you these past 5 years!!

Pezo and Katelyn from PCOE – thank you for allowing us to rotate through all your stations and learn so much

Dr. Uta from Beit Cure Hospital – thank you for being so gracious and teaching our students about ear care in Zambia

thumb_DSCN3722_1024Sr. Clara, Judith, Rajiv and Charity from Cheshire Homes – we had a wonderful first day this year with all of you and the special little children at Cheshire

Milika and Lauren from Special Hope Network – we missed the Nelsons sorely this year, but as always were so impressed with your amazing staff and the work you do with the children at Garden and Ng’ombe

Mr. Malama from the Mthunzi Centre for allowing us to screen his “boys”! 🙂

thumb_DSCN3734_1024And as always the Mwambas for that’s how it all began….

thumb_DSCN3729_1024Tomorrow we shop and leave for home….


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. sibks
    Jun 03, 2016 @ 19:57:02

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us! Have a great trip home!


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