Day 11: PCOE Day 2

Today was our second day at PCOE and we were to be there at 8:00. We reached the hospital in time despite terrible Lusaka traffic….thanks to our terrific driver William!

thumb_DSCN3552_1024but were stuck in traffic within the hospital! So we finally got out of the bus and walked up to the building!

Upon arrival we were told that indeed they had arranged for us to provide our presentation to the 5th and 7th year medical students at 11:00! So we first observed and participated in their early intervention and autism groups (sorry no pics allowed) and some students also rotated through the neurology consultations and Adherence.

At 10:50 Christi and I walked over the the UTH Outpatient building with Sr. Ornella and went into a lecture room. Although there appeared to be a projector in the room, it was not connected and we were thankful that we have our small portable projector that can go anywhere and serves us so well!!! After taking a few minutes to find an outlet that worked and an extension cord, we started around 11:15 – there were about 30 medical students who attended.

The students were very engaged, asked lots of questions and seemed to appreciate the information that we shared – especially the practical aspects.

While we were gone the students continued rotations and also worked on making some AAC cards and sequence strips for PCOE at Pezo’s request.


We had a little down time after that as we waited for the final patient to arrive: and a game of “Mafia” was begun!

Thanks Team PCOE for having us again this year – we always enjoy our time with you and learn so much about the work you are doing!


As we were driving away from PCOE we got a call from them – they want yet another “encore” of our presentation: this time to post-graduate students!!! So we will have a VERY busy day tomorrow!

Some of us went for a walk again today  – another beautiful winter day in Zambia with bright blue skies….the zebra outside the Zebra Guest House is always a fun friend for our two week stay 🙂

This time our goal was to find fritters to buy at the roadside and eat them(since we were so successful with the roasted corn on the cob last time!) And indeed after we passed a couple of corn vendors, we did run into the fritters (fried bread)!!! We bought them from Charity and her grandson…


And enjoyed them as we continued our walk 🙂

thumb_DSCN3571_1024We had our final nightly “pow-wow” today in Room 12 (tomorrow will be a long day and we will likely be getting back too late after our farewell dinner to have a pow-wow).

thumb_DSCN3575_1024And after discussing the day and prepping for tomorrow we had the funnest team bonding activity: a game of MAFIA! Whitney was a great narrator which made the game a lot of fun.

Ready for Mafia with the lights out and iPhone flashlights lighting the room 🙂

thumb_DSCN3577_1024Hard to believe that tomorrow will be our last work day here for this year and we will have our farewell dinner with all the wonderful people we work with!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Annmarie
    Jun 03, 2016 @ 10:08:04

    What a fantastic experience you guys are having!!!!!! Wish I could have been there. Have a safe trip back!


  2. Michelle Gutmann
    Jun 03, 2016 @ 10:37:16

    Awesome work!! Sounds like it’s been a very busy trip this year filled with tons of activities and amazing opportunities. Enjoy the wind down and all the festivities that go with it. Safe travels!


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