Team shirts and Tse scholars

This week’s news includes two important events! :)

On Wednesday was the Tse Scholars reception. THREE of our Zambia students were selected to receive the Tse scholarship to help offset the costs of the Zambia program for them – congratulations to Alyssa, Rachel and Amanda!!!


And thanks to the generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Tse!! Dr. Tse spoke about why he gives these scholarships – with the hope of having more American students go abroad and for there to be peace in the world as we better understand each other!!


Then on Thursday we had our 4th class meeting and the most exciting event (besides playing two truths and a lie and learning more fun facts about each other) was that we got our team Zambia 2014 shirts! They are awesome!! Thanks to Katie and Jessica for working on getting them for the team! And to Dawn who turns out to be a pretty good photographer and works late and was therefore available to take our team photos!



So much good news!!!!

So much has been happening these past three weeks and I haven’t had time to write about it. So here’s an update:

The program continues to be on track with the itinerary slowly taking shape; we have our flight itinerary now and are continuing to work on the daily schedule while in Zambia…

We received a wonderful donation of hearing aids and batteries for the program from Phonak: A big THANK YOU to all who helped with that contribution!

Class # 3 was great with three very informative student presentations on the history of Zambia, Clubfoot and Beit Cure Hospital and PCOE.

The annual convention of the Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association was this past week and our presentation on the Zambia program was a huge success! Thanks to Megan, Erikka, Jill and Mel for being the student panelists in that presentation. Their comments were very insightful! Thanks to them!! (Waiting on photo to come….)

And even more good news was received right around convention days:

1) Erikka and Emily will have poster presentations about the SLHS in Zambia 2013 program at the 2nd Annual Academic Community Engagement Poster session on April 15-16

2) Megan’s abstract was accepted and she will have an article published in the Purdue Service Learning Journal

3) Erikka’s photo won 3rd place in the Purdue Study Abroad Photo Contest!! Congratulations to all! :)


And yay – I think we have now collected ALL the forms we need from the students – whew!! :)

Coming up this week: I am doing an “interview” about the program to be posted on a “service-learning you tube channel” I believe!!! More about that in my next post :)

Class meeting 2

An exciting meeting of the SLHS in Zambia 2014 team today! The team is coming together already as we get to know each other better! And we selected a team shirt today which we hope to have soon! :)



Classes have started and more!

So we had our first class meeting for SLHS in Zambia 2014 last Thursday and it felt really nostalgic and like deja vu: same room as last year, 12 students in the program again, one student absent this first class (just like last year)…… What was fun and different was that we have 12 new students to get to know better and become a team, and a new co-leader for the program who brings a new perspective as a speech-pathologist.

Also exciting last week was that Jenn and I attended the reception to receive our Focus award for developing this program and raising awareness about individuals with disabilities through the program. Of course what we have done is just a drop in the ocean compared to what our community partners on the ground in Zambia are doing for children with disabilities. We are incredibly fortunate to be working with such dedicated people and organizations and hope to have another successful program this year.


Exciting times are starting!!!

It has been an exciting last couple of weeks for SLHS in Zambia!!

By January 29th we had our SLHS in Zambia 2014 team all set!! We will have 12 students again in the team this year :) The preparations begin in earnest now with an anticipated departure date of May 23, 2014 and class meetings set to begin in March!

SLHS in Zambia has also been in the news lately :)

This past week we had a featured story about SLHS in Zambia in the Life 360 magazine of the College of Health and Human Sciences – you can read it here

And yesterday I saw that it was also featured in the Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association newsletter! I don’t know who submitted that piece but thanks to the anonymous contributor here it is – ISHA

And our department’s new website was launched just a few weeks ago and the SLHS in Zambia program now had a great new look at SLHS website

We have started e-mail communications with our community partners in Zambia and things are starting to happen!!!! Just today I received a list of University of Zambia students interested in partnering with us in a cultural exchange. It is starting to come together……stay tuned :)

End of the year…

As 2013 comes to an end, I am thankful for the success we had on the inaugural program to Zambia in May-June 2013. Thanks to everyone who helped in the planning and development, to all who participated, and to everyone we met and worked with in Zambia who made the program such a success! We are excited to be able to continue the program in 2014! More to come about that soon as we are currently reviewing applications for the program….


Today was a special day – we had our first SLHS in Zambia REUNION! All participants were able to attend except Anyea – we missed you Anyea and wished we could have Skyped with you! It was a wonderful evening and especially beautiful was the album that Erikka brought to share!! It was really nice to have everyone together again. Even though we only returned in June – a short 3 months ago, it seems that so much time has passed by!


And, student recruitment for SLHS in Zambia 2014 has already started in earnest! The first Study Abroad Fair was this week and we had quite a lot of interest in the program :) So many of the students stopped to help at the tent for the fair – thank you to each of you for your help!! I appreciate it so much!



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